Fujitsu Partnership

Developments in ICT are always fast. The innovations at miniDis therefore follow each other quickly. To complete our product range in the field of data center solutions, we have become Channel Partner of Fujitsu. 
With Fujitsu we offer our customers the opportunity to create innovative solutions. The reliable technology in combination with Japanese ingenuity is a relief in the IT landscape, mainly dominated by American companies. It is precisely those properties that ensures Fujitsu fits so well within miniDis.

The Fujitsu portfolio of services and products is very complete and offers solutions from a simple mouse to mainframe supercomputers. We at miniDis will focus on the Fujitsu Datacenter Solutions. Such as Servers, Storage and Integrated Systems.

We have entered into a partnership with Fujitsu especially to meet the needs for the most modern and enviroment friendly ICT equipment. Because in addition to our specialized mini-PCs and IoT devices, there is often more to the implementation of your projects. For example, there is often the desire to offer additional system integration to run applications on your own server and storage equipment.

MiniDis and Fujitsu is an excellent choice for this and our experts are able to advise you the best fitting solutions.