The fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i are revolutionary multimedia mini PC's. Despite its size they provide a good HD video performance. fit-PC2 is based on the latest Intel Atom Z530 1.6Ghz ultra low power chipset.

The unit comes standard with 1GB of RAM (not expandable), HDMI / DVI (Full HD 1080p H.264 decoding), mini SD slot, Internal SATA interface, 6xUSB 2.0 ports (4x to fit PC2i) (2x Mini USB front), 1Gbit LAN (2x on the fit-PC2i), Infrared Interface (not fit PC2i), PXE ​​boot support, RoHS compliant, RS-232 interface (only fit PC2i)
The fit-PC2 is a unique unit targeted at the digital signage / narrowcasting industry. The unit supports most Linux distributions and all versions of Microsoft Windows. fit-PC2 is the excellent desktop replacement or home media PC.

Please note that fit-PC2(i) series is End of Life and is displayed for service purposes only!! Ordering only on special request.

More Specifications

fit-PC2 basic specification

Processor / Chipset

Intel Atom Z530 (1.6Ghz) or Intel Atom Z510 (1.1Ghz) / Intel US15W SCH chipset


1GB DDR2-533 RAM onboard


Intel GMA 500 graphics accelerator
Full hardware video acceleration of H.264, MPEG2, VC1 and WMV9
HDMI / DVI output of up to 1920x1080 resolution

Ethernet Interface

Integrated 1Gbit LAN
802.11G WLAN/WIFI (optional)


SATA interface x 1
miniSD slot (non bootable/no SDHC support) x 1
RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
6 x USB 2.0 Ports (2 mini USB on front)
Infra Red receiver (programmable) Audio Line-out, Mic-in (High Definition 2.0)

Power Requirement

<6 Watt low cpu load
<+-7 Watt at 1080p H.264 playback
<8 Watt at full CPU load
<+-11 watt at full CPU load with internal Harddisk
<< 1 Watt standby
Power supply delivers max Single Voltage +12V @ 1.5A (18Watt max


101 x 115 x 27mm


370g unit (including disk), 1000g shipping

Operating Environment

+0 ~ +45°C operating temperature with internal harddisk
+0 ~ +70°C operating temperature without internal harddisk





Fit-PC2i 1.6Ghz, Atom Z530,2GB RAM, 2xLAN, mini-SD, 320GB HD, DVI-D/HDMI, 1xRS-232, 4x USB2, WIFI, Windows 7 pro preinstalled

EOL - last stock models. New in carton, 3 month warrantee.

Fit-PC / Intense-PC RS232 adapter


Fit-PC mini USB to USB A adapter - set of 2