MiniDis Intel® Alliance Member
Minidis is member of the Intel® Alliance. As a member we are in close contact with Intel and have access to the latests Intel® innovations and products information.
Therfore we are very well equiped to advise and support you with Intel® products, including the Intel® NUC Mini PC's.

What Is Intel® NUC?
Intel® NUC is a small form factor PC with a tiny footprint. Short for Next Unit of Computing, Intel® NUC (say it like “luck” or “truck”) puts full-sized PC power in the palm of your hand. 
Intel® NUC Mini PC's squeeze a powerful processor, fast memory, and massive storage comparable to the latest full-size desktop PCs into the smallest form factors, to get your Intel® NUC exactly the way you need it. 

Mini PC Form Factor, Mini Energy Footprint, High Quality
Like every miniDis product the Intel® NUC Mini PC’s are optimized for small spaces and low power consumption. Intel® NUC offer high quality, great performance, and long-term reliability. The minidis Intel® NUC units will be covered by a three-year factory warranty. 



Intel® NUC Chassis Element 6x HDMI

The modular components of the Intel NUC element family give you an entirely new way to design, build and refresh integrated systems and...

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Use cases for Intel NUC kits: How can an Intel® NUC help your business?

The Intel® NUC offers versatile performance for an incredible range of business use cases. At Minidis, we focus on the two key use cases for Intel NUC Kits: Digital Signage and IoT Applications

Intel® NUC for digital signage

Smart, easy-to-manage digital signage. Multiple 4K display support, Thunderbolt™ 4 and HDMI, and fast Wi-Fi and Ethernet make Intel® NUC ideal for commercial signage media players. Built-in display emulation keeps signage working during maintenance. Intel® Watchdog Timer restarts stalled operations in the background. Integrators can even take over displays using our Intel® NUC API for HDMI CEC.

Independent digital signage
Intel® NUC Pro and Rugged bring commercial reliability and performance to digital menu boards, lobby boards and other digital signage applications. Stream 4K video to multiple screens. If you need to support interactive displays or sales transactions in the future, using an Intel® NUC as your digital signage media player hardware gives you the power you need tomorrow.

Large screen Video walls and projection
Provide a strong, flexible foundation for multiscreen, high-impact installations. A single Intel® NUC Pro Mini PC has multiple 4K video channel output via HDMI and Thunderbolt™ technology. One device can power multiple displays as a unified monitor or feed each display a different stream.

Interactive Retail Kiosk

Signage and self-service kiosks
Kiosks demand more than a simple digital signage player. The latest self-service kiosks allow people to check in at hotels, check inventory in stores, and find directions. This requires more computing power for interactive touchscreens and image processing. Intel® NUC Pro and Rugged deliver this performance in a range of form factors that streamline design and production.

Intel® NUC for Industry and IoT

Embedded Devices for Industry and IoT
Intel® NUC extends high performance to production lines, transportation systems, robotics and IoT. Features such as AC delayed start and internal voltage regulators support robust industrial applications. Choose from boards with additional headers for expanded I/O, turnkey mini PCs, and rugged chassis for harsh environments.

Harsh Environments
In factories, restaurants, hospitals, wherever the conditions are tough, Intel® NUC Rugged products keep things moving with lasting performance. They are great for space-constrained environments and as embedded industrial PCs. Design systems that support the latest industrial and manufacturing applications, such as automation and real-time data analytics. Such systems have to endure a lot in these harsh environments. These robust fanless mini PCs are resistant to dirt, dust and grime. For example, think of user interface screens in a dusty factory. With no moving parts and high temperature tolerance, industrial Intel® NUC Rugged products can deliver where other products just can't.


These mini industrial computers are excellent for space-constrained environments. Supporting an incredibly broad range of edge computing and industrial IoT use cases with robust performance and connectivity. Not to mention the remote management capabilities. For example, with Intel® NUC Rugged products on the Intel vPro® platform, due to its remote monitoring and management capabilities. Since most IoT-related use cases are located in many remote locations, it's nice to be able to perform software updates, troubleshoot and reactivate devices, all without leaving your control center.

Intel® Partner Alliance

At Minidis, we value our partnerships with the suppliers we represent. MiniDis has been an Intel® Technology Partner for some time. It was therefore a small step for MiniDis to decide to join the Intel® Partner Alliance. Our partners will benefit from our additional knowledge gained from Intel® Partner University, our direct access to Intel® customer support and the ability to access exclusive resources for many solution areas to work with you as our partners to develop better solutions. plan, build and deliver. Our primary role within the will be: Solution Provider: mainly resale of systems and software solutions and expanding our services activities with IoT, data center and data communication solutions.