MiniDis is your preferred Distributor for Mini-PCs, IoT-Innovations and Datacenter solutions.

MiniDis delivers innovative and energy friendly Mini-PC from manufacturers like DMP, Compulab, ECS LIVA, Minix, Intel NUC, Vecow, Nexcoim/NexAIoT, Mducat and more.

We deliver our products and services accross Europe to our partners with their broad spectrum of projects and activities. From Narrowcasting to automotive, marine, IoT and Industry solutions. 

Minidis, which started in 2004 under name of Glomos Distribution is already active for about 20 year in industrial mini-pc,s and custom solutions. Al our products are tested thourougly on functionality, quality and longlivety before adding to our catalog. In ever and fast evolving markets our products are used in projects in IoT and Industrial computing, and networking solutions.