Most of you will know, the Intel NUC products. The mini PCs that can be used for mostly office-like applications. MiniDis wouldn't be MiniDis if we didn't distinguish ourselves. That is why we also offer Intel NUCs, but completely different! In the MiniDis market segment, there is a need for units that are suitable for 24x7 operations: Digital Signage, Hospitals, Medical Clinics or Laboratories with mobile measurement setups, IoT Operator consoles in factories, Edge Computing, Restaurants, etc. The Intel NUC 8 Rugged KIT systems extremely suitable for such use cases.. These systems, which have been on the market for some time, do not excel with their Intel Celeron processor in enormous performance, but surely with their endurance and stability. 

In addition, there are of course many applications in the markets we serve, that require both performance and endurance. Think of integrated systems for Digital Signage, Interactive kiosks, Camera surveillance, observation, etc. But also rugged solutions for equipment-unfriendly environments or special applications that require a lot of I/O. We now offer the Intel NUC Elements based systems for this. The Intel NUC Elements have an exceptionally modular structure consisting of 3 parts: CPU / RAM - Compute Element, Motherboard - Board Element and of course also a Housing - Chassis Element.

The choice of a Compute Element - CPU from Celeron to i7 vPro - in combination with a Chassis and Board Element makes it possible to put together an ideal system for almost any specific application. There are 5 different Intel NUC Pro Chassis elements for the applications: Base I / O, Video capture and Audio design, Rugged integrated I / O, Rugged Dual LAN and Rugged Multi HDMI (up to 6 HDMI outputs) It couldn't be easier to install a compile a custom integrated system, where we are happy to assist Request the detailed product information via:


IntelĀ® NUC 8 Rugged Kit

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