(Item no.: RUT950)

The RUT950 is a 4G router with 4 LAN ports, WIFI and can be supplied with a DIN clip so that the RUT950 can also be mounted on a DIN rail in switch boxes. This makes this RUT950 a universal 4G router that can be used widely. For example, for private individuals in a boat, caravan, or recreational home, but also in industrial projects for remote installation management.
The RUT950 has many setting options, for example setting up a VPN connection to a server, settings for using Dual SIM, or settings regarding the primary internet connection (via 4G or via WAN or via WIFI).
With this, the RUT950 can also act as a fall-back router: if the standard fixed internet connection is lost, the internet will be switched via 4G

• Wireless Access point, 4G LTE Router, 4-Port Switch and Firewall in one unit
• Internal 4G / 3G / UMTS / HSPA + / EDGE / GPRS modem up to 100 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink
• 2x SIM slot, for example: redundancy of 2 providers
• WIFI 802.11b / g / n
• WLAN can be set as primary (4G as backup): 4G backup WAN function
• 4 × 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet ports
• Robust aluminum housing
• Integrated OpenVPN, IPsec, Dynamic DNS
• SMS reboot function
• Power supply 9-30VDC
• Supplied with 2x 4G antenna and 2x WIFI antenna and power adapter
• Temperature range -40 to + 75 ° C
• Supplied without DIN clip