(Item no.: R2000-D4L2)
The new 4G router type R2000-DUAL from Robustel is equipped with 2 pieces of 4G cellular modules and of course 2 SIM slots. Both 4G modules can simultaneously establish a connection, creating all kinds of extra possibilities: this 4G router can realize a connection to a server via 4G module 1. If that connection is lost, the connection is restored within 3 seconds via 4G module 2.
Data can also be distributed over both 4G modules in order to obtain a better bandwidth. This 4G router is especially suitable for applications where high reliability of the connection is required, for example payment terminals or in buses.
This R2G-DUAL 4G router has 5 Ethernet ports: 1x WAN and 4x LAN. These 4 LAN ports can be used as a POE port: 48VDC power supply for POE can be connected separately to the R200-DUAL.
The R2000-DUAL has WIFI and can be an access point or client. As an access point there is a built-in WIFI landing page for, for example, passengers of a bus or train. As a client, WIFI can also be WWAN (primary or as a backup).
If you are a reseller: call for your price.
• 4 LAN ports. PoE up to 30W per port
• 1x WAN port
• 4G router with 2x Cellular 4G module (also available as a 4G router with 1x cellular)
• 2x SIM slot
• WIFI (150 Mbps): client or AP
• Supply voltage 9-48VDC
• Separate connection to supply the PoE voltage
• 4G up to a maximum of 150 Mbps Downlink and 50 Mbps Uplink @ 20M BW cat4
• Digital input: can be used, among other things, to switch to sleep mode, for example when there is a message of low battery voltage in buses.
• Many setting options for Firewall, VPN settings, DHCP, port forwarding, internet protocols etc.