(Item no.: R2000-4L)

The 4G router type R2000-4L is a price favoring industrial 4G router fit for the business market. This 4G-router can be assembled on DIN-rail and is ideal for use in machines, switchboxes and building management systems.  

This 4G-router can be signed into a management-portal or management software: RobustLink. Through this management software you can immediately see which 4G routers are online, what their (dynamic) IP address is, you can load new firmware into the 4G router (also in groups). If a 4G router configuration is incorrect, a new configuration file can also be loaded via the management portal. Beside that there is a VPN-cloud-solution available for the 4G-routers of Robustel via RobustVPN. 4G routers can therefore automatically set up a VPN connection to this VPN cloud. These are secure connections where the firewall of the provider remains, and one can still reach the 4G router and the connected devices / machines from the internet side.  

• Dual SIM for example, Redundancy (higher availability), for high data traffic protection or roaming 

• Suitable for 2G / 3G / 4G LTE 

• 2x LAN ports or 1xLAN and 1xWAN 

• This router is optionally available with WIFI. The model number will become R2000-4L-WIFI 

• Metal housing suitable for DIN rail mounting and floor mounting 

• Plug-in screw terminals for the power supply 

• Supply voltage 9-36VDC 

• Extensive firewall settings 

• NAT tables / port forwarding 

• Router maintains PPP connection (ICMP check) 

• Auto reboot or periodic reboot or reboot via SMS web interface or via management software 

• Many options for setting the various connections including OpenVPN, IPsec etc. 

• Temperature range -20 to + 65 ° C 


Video(s): Robustel R2000