MiniDis Is Moving!

It's finally here! On Friday 25 February we will move with the entire MiniDis team to our new building in Sassenheim. After a long time intensively working on the renovation, we can now officially announce it: From Monday 28 February we will be operating from our new location!

Why move?
The Europe-wide activities of MiniDis are expanding, while our team is also growing. In our current office there was again a lack of space. There was a need for more office and meeting space. But also practical solutions of a more logistical nature. In the new office we will have access to much more space, with growth opportunities for workplaces, and a number of extra spaces, such as the kitchen and meeting room.

The biggest practical advantage is that have a ground floor at the new location. In this part of the building, with an industrial look, both logistics and assembly will take place. Much more efficient for receiving and dropping off shipments instead of the current 1st floor. Together with the entire MiniDis team, we are looking forward to continuing our work in the new building in the heart of Sassenheim.


Hoofdstraat 292
2171 BS Sassenheim
The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0) 85 210 3800


  Hans Noort     24-02-2022 13:46