ICT challenges, source of innovation and inspiration

The ICT world itself has always been one of rapid succession of new developments and changes.
With ever faster hardware and smarter software, ICT was and is a driver of innovation.
But now that the world around us is in such a state of flux, our industry is confronted with many issues at the same time.
Many things that have always been important, but which have not been given so much attention until now.
Simply because the need for it was not yet high enough.

But that need is becoming increasingly clear. Motivated by scarcity of raw materials, the reduction of CO2 emissions, conflicts on the world stage, COVID-19, explosively increased demand for chips and other ICT related materials, etc., etc. As a result, many changes must and are initiated.
I'll mention a few that only recently came into focus again:

  • Scarcity and rising costs of skilled/experienced personnel, also due to an aging population
  • Extremely high energy bills
  • Working from home has become a constant factor, a hybrid workplace is the new normal
  • Ever increasing cyber risks
  • In addition to administrative and production processes, automation increasingly also concerns intelligent communication between devices, for example with the help of sensors and gateways
  • Poor availability of components and equipment
  • Limited availability of ICT expertise at your own organisations or customers
  • Less confidence in All Cloud solutions
  • Ever more complex platforms and closely linked systems 
  • Increasing dependence on ICT processes in all primary processes of companies and governments
The special thing about this list is that they all draw attention to how we should deal better with ICT issues.
The great thing about the changes mentioned is that ICT itself can also provide most of the answers and solutions.

It is therefore our task as an ICT provider and distributor to provide our partners with solutions that answer current issues.
That is why our entire team is busy working on this every day.
  • We can offer you expertise if you just lack it internally
  • With mini-PCs, we offer Green-IT solutions that are significantly more economical in energy consumption to reduce costs
  • Do we have very handy devices such as the LIVA's and Minix PC's as an excellent workplace at home or on the road
  • We pay a lot of attention to security with, for example, our data center-based anti-ransomware solutions and, among other things, our ISO certified Managed Services
  • Do we have a comprehensive and aligned IoT ecosystem to meet the demand for Machine to Machine communication
  • Have we increased the number of suppliers to better guarantee the availability of equipment
  • We have been focusing on Hybrid and Private Cloud environments for years
  • We try to exclude the IT complexity as much as possible. For example by replacing often redundant and expensive virtualization layers such as VMware with alternatives and
  • Provide High Availability and Edge Computing such as Scale Computing

These are challenging times in ICT, but they are also a source of inspiration for innovation and improvement.

  Hans Noort     19-04-2022 14:36     Comments ( 0 )
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