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As your Value Added Distributor, business partner and logistics service provider, MiniDis does its very best to fulfill it's agreements with you and to deliver working products through optimal quality control. Therefore we believe you will hardly need Customer Support, but they will be helping you with return requests if needed,  

The reason for starting an RMA procedure can be;
  • A technical defect within the warranty period and conditions set by the MiniDis,
  • Goods correctly ordered but incorrectly delivered,
  • Damaged products/packaging or
  • DOA (Dead on Arrival).
Once you have sent the completed form with the requested invoices to, the application will be checked by MiniDis. It is also important to clearly indicate on the form through which company the goods have been purchased. After you have submitted the RMA application, we will inform you as soon as possible about the status of your RMA request. MiniDis expressly reserves the right not to honour applications.

Returning goods can only take place after explicit written approval of MiniDis. This approval will be given in the form of the approved RMA form, provided with an RMA confirmation number with description of the items to be returned and possibly serial numbers. After your receipt of the approved RMA it is valid for 8 working days. Within this period the goods can be delivered to our warehouse.

In case a return does not comply with the return conditions, MiniDis will inform you in writing that (part of) the products will be returned to you. For this return shipment we will charge you the freight costs.

Unwanted returns can be prevented by following the guidelines below:
  • Send the products in the original, unopened, undamaged and undescribed packaging.
  • Send the products in proper packaging to prevent transport damage
  • Make sure that the RMA number provided is clearly visible.
  • Send the right products and the right quantities.
  • It is in your interest never to send user configured options, so do not leave any hardware options installed by yourself in the equipment.
Important: The customer undertakes to declare in advance on the RMA form that there is no data subject to the AVG / GDPR legislation on a unit to be returned to MiniDis. (Loss of data or data leaks of this data are at the risk of the customer).

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