Liva is the easiest Windows 8.1 mini-pc at this moment. Small, Very low-power, Rich multimedia, Design.

Please beware that LIVA will be End Of Life as of may 1st and replaced with LIVA-X.

Check it out on >Liva mini-site<

Intel® Bay Trail-M SoC Processor
Featuring Intel® Bay Trail-M SoC (System-on-a-Chip) processor, based on the new low-power consumption microarchitecture “Silvermont” Providing the fan-less thermal design with better acoustic performance, LIVA is a great Mini PC with the advantages of high performance and power saving.

Kit containing
•ECS BAT-MINI Motherboard (Intel CPU Onboard) •2GB DDR3L Memory
•eMMC Storage 32GB or 64GB •WiFi / Bluetooth Combo Card
•Antenna •Power Adapter
•LIVA Case Black or White (64GB edition) • Manual & Driver DVD

Liva is optionally available as pre-installed unit including Micorosft Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu 14


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