eRemote The Dutch company Real Time Remote Services BV, founded in 2005 and a long-standing customer of MiniDis, provides remote monitoring services for industrial installations under the name “eRemote”. They do this not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. Based on modern technologies (Industry 4.0) such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), they process this data into clear status, performance and operational information. To this end, they make use of the renowned Splunk> platform, which clearly displays this information by means of graphs, reports, warnings, dashboards, and visualisations via a web-style interface.

For the data collection at the customer site, with eRemote they use one of the Compulab mini-PCs from the MiniDis range as standard. In the case of the somewhat heavier applications, they use the Compulab Airtop and Lenovo SE350 server systems. These mini-PCs with DIN rail mounting, which is common in industrial installations, are essential for the company. Without them their service would not be possible.

eRemote has been doing business with MiniDis to full satisfaction for years. "The range offered in combination with the service and support is a hassle-free solution for us," said the founder of eRemote

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