Bagchain Company bagchain, a Dutch company based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, is a communication and mobile baggage check-in / print kiosk provider. They develop innovative products, such as the mobile baggage self-service kiosk, with which airline passengers can easily check in their baggage and print a baggage tag within 5 seconds.
This works by scanning the boarding pass that one has printed or is present on a smartphone as a mobile boarding pass. These self-service points are mobile and can therefore be placed where they are currently needed. And that does not only have to be at an airport itself. That can also take place in the hotel, station, parking lot, car rental company etc.! This avoids unnecessary queues and therefore loss of time and annoyance at airports.
This innovative solution was made possible in part by the use of the robust and reliable fitlet2 mini-PCs supplied by miniDis. Moreover, we also provide the required international communication facilities. Product customization has taken place by, among other things, making special push button facilities and adjusting the used Windows IoT images in such a way that the available data bandwidth can be used optimally and at the lowest costs. All in all a successful collaboration with an international and very innovative character.
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