HerdInsights A collar for cows connected to the Cloud using Internet of Things (IoT). 
HerdInsights is a company based in Cork, Ireland that helps farmers employ the latest technology: Cloud-based monitoring of dairy-cows. They supply smart collars that monitor animals’ behaviour in the herd, to detect when they are in heat or if they have health issues.

MiniDis’ Fitlet2 mini-PC is used in the communication Gateway box that receives the data from the animals and transmits it to the Cloud. Just like humans, animals too change their behaviour when they are sick, and they are likely to reduce movement and eat less. When they are in heat, naturally they will show extra movement. If a cow is categorized as a warning, a notification is sent to the farmer via text message or via the HerdInsights app.

Being able to breed in a cycle that suits the farmer can lead to increased profit and planned management. Since HerdInsights introduced the Fitlet2 to their system, they have experienced improved reliability. They describe that the industrial grade Fitlet2is the right system for this job as HerdInsights works in outdoor rugged environments and needs high reliability. Herdinsights has experienced the collaboration with MiniDis as positive: "At MiniDis they were very helpful in discussing product requirements and maintenance assignments".


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