(Item no.: DMPDP3332-221C1G2)
The DIN rail mounted D-3332-851C1G2 features a RS-485, a RS-232, and dual 8- bit GPIO ports. With its compact size and front I/O port accessibility, D-3332-851C1G2 fulfills the requirement of easily wiring the I/O cables and allowing easy installation in the field cabinets to achieve space saving optimally.


  • DIN rail mounting support
  • Vortex86DX2 (933MHz)
  • Onboard 2GB DDR2
  • PXE Diskless Boot
  • 10/100 Mbps LAN x 1, 1Gbps LAN x 1
  • USB V2.0 port x 3 (External x 2 / Internal x 1)
  • SD, SDHC support (Internal)
  • SATA DOM support (Internal)
  • RS-485 port x 1
  • RS-232 port x 1
  • 8-bit GPIO port x 2
  • WiFi Dongle support (Optional)
  • Auto Power On support
  • Pluggable Terminal Block 3-Pin 5.00 mm Pitch