MiniDis is continuously updating its product portfolio.
For august we added a brand new small and affordable 7 inch LCD/Touch panel powered by USB and ready to use in your application. Compatible with almost all HDMI out devices like fitlet, Liva-Q, or Raspberry-PI.
With a dept of only a few mm and an adhesive mountingrim, it can be used instantly in almost any embedded application.

Our DMP Ebox range also carries some good news in that the latest Dual-Core Vortex86DX3 series like ebox3350DX3, ebox336x and DINPC336x, are standard available in Wide Temperature versions (W options)and 1Gbit LAN. Due to its design the Vortex86DX3 SoC are not vulnarable for Spectre and other CPU security issues.

An finally the long awaited MintBox Mini 2 is available from stock.
MintBox Mini 2 is the Ready to Use Linux Mint preconfigured machine based on fitlet2-J3455 (Celeron Version).
    15-08-2018 00:00