For already 12 years, MiniDis is Microsoft Embedded Partner. At request MiniDis delivers Microsoft Windows Embedded 10 IoT LTSB Enterprise 32 or 64bit editions to your desired system for as low as 49euro per unit.

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT is a special modularised version of Windows 10 which has the same rich feature and functions set but with the addition of some specific and powerfull embedded system features.

See for a complete featurelist: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Feature list

We deliver standard or custimised preinstalled images including COA licensing sticker from stock or on demand.

Value-based pricing
With the 2016 version, Windows 10 IoT changed the pricing model to a value-based model, depending on CPU performance:

In the table below, the 3 levels are explained:
Windows 10 IoT Value based pricing
Supported Processor   Windows 10 loT Enterprise  
  Entry Value High End
Intel:  Pentium (N3540, J2900/J2850, A1020, N3710, J3710, N4200)
Celeron (N2940/N2930/N2920/N2830/N2808/N2807, J1900/J1800/J1850, N3010, N3060,
N3160, J3160, J3060, J3010, N3350, J3455, J3355)
Atom (E3805/E3815/E3825/E3826/E3827, Z3735F/Z3735G, Z3736F/Z3736G, Z3745/Z3745D,
Z3775/Z3775D, Z3795/Z3795D, x5-E8000, x5-Z8550/z8350/8330, x7-z8750, x5-E3900 series –
E3930/3940, x5-A3900 series – A3930/3940, x7-E3950, x7-A3950)
VIA: L4350E
AMD: E1, E2, E-350, A4, A6, G-Series
Intel: Pentium (G2120, 1405 v2, D1519, D1517, D1509, D1508, D1507, G4400,  G4400TE)
Celeron (G1620, 1047UE, 1020E, 927UE, 3765U, 3955U, G3900, G3900E, G3900TE, G3902E )
Core i3, Core i5, Core M
VIA: C4450, C4250, C4650
AMD: R-Series, A10, A8, Rest of FX Models
  X X
Intel: Core i7, Xeon
AMD: Selected FX models (FX 7500, FX 9370, FX 9590, FX 7600P)
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