Microsoft changes the name of Microsoft Windows Embedded to Microsoft IoT.
Everything is IoT (Internet of Things) now!

With the launch of Windows 10 in the consumer market this summer,(some rumors are talking about July 29th), Windows 10 IoT for the industrial / embedded space will be available as well.

There will be four main products with different licenses for industrial usage available:

- Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Pro, Retail/Thin Client and 2 Tablet licenses will be available)
- Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise
- Windows 10 IoT Core
- .net Micro Framework

All Windows 10 IoT products are based on the new Windows 10 kernel and all versions from IoT Enterprise down to the IoT core version will run the same Universal Apps and Universal driver model! Therefore, it will be possible to run the same application from industrial devices, mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Referred to as “Industry”) is based on the normal Windows 10 Enterprise installation media but with the possibility to install the well-known embedded enabling features afterwards:

- Write Filters (EWF/FBWF/UWF)
- USB-Filter
- Keyboard Filter
- Gesture Filter
- App Locker and Layout Control
- Dialog Box and Notification Filter
- Shell Launcher / App Launcher
    01-05-2015 00:00