DMP worked closely with Intel to create a very low power (only 5watt) Intel based IOT solution with industrial specifications. The unit is Azure-IOT certified and comes in the widely adapted EBOX VESA mount metal casing.

While the E8000 CPU compared to the E3950 series - as seen in the fitlet2 series - CPU clock is slightly slower, the E8000 power and heat signature are considerably lower. Therefor the EB58 series is perfect for embedded IOT use and mounting inside enclosures. Its environment usage is default 0-60degC. EB58 has a power voltage variance of 10-16V DC. Optionally Minidis Delivers in-line 24V-36V Stepdown converters.

EB58 supports up to 8GB DDR3L RAM, fanless, 2x Gbit LAN, micro SD card slot, 2.5inch SATA bay, M.2 2230 E-Key (for WIFI/BT) comes with 1 or 2 RS-232 ports, comes in the familiar and famous 100x100mm VESA mounting.


EBOX-58E Intel X5-E8000 2x LAN 2x RS-232 Ports, Auto Power

EBOX-58 Series is powered by Intel Braswell handles processing efficiently and provides fast performance. physical space and temperature...