MiniDis and IOT

From the beginning, Minidis has been a specialist in the integration of mini PCs in industrial environments, building management and home automation solutions. This extensive experience has resulted in many projects both large and small. We are a Microsoft embedded partner and also have extensive experience with Embedded non-blocking Linux systems. We also make custom software for your application and even program ESP modules directly for you. We not only supply specific components, but can also offer them as a total solution.

IoT, data communication and data analysis will play an increasingly important role within the traditional IT world and that of industrial automation. With the mini-PC, IoT and Datacenter products from MiniDis in combination with the Managed Services from TotalDesk, we are responding to this rapidly growing need. We do this by offering our Chanel Partners a perfectly suitable package of products and services. This makes it possible for them to use/provide advanced data communication solutions with a low threshold and without equipment investments. Europe-wide solutions, with extensive support, warranty and management facilities, for a fixed amount per month.

With our products and services we realize successful user cases and on the basis of smart automation, data communication and the accurate collection of information from various sources contribute significantly to the realization of the objectives of our customers.

  Teresa Moriana     29-07-2021 11:40