The holiday season is over for most!
Traditionally, vacation is literally the time to reflect on what we are all so busy with right now. Looking back on a very eventful 1.5 years, with COVID-19 for example. But also marvel at an economy that has not collapsed. But especially when it's time to get back to work: Thinking about tomorrow's priorities, after the holidays! And we have actually been doing that for a while at MiniDis. But much more important is whether our ideas about this correspond with what is going on in the market, with you.

For more than 17 years we have been a household name in the field of Online Workplaces and experts in the field of mini-PCs with its enormously diverse application areas. But there's more. The focus in office and industrial automation has increasingly shifted to connectivity. Smart, (I)IoT, Wireless, Remote, Cloud, Edge, Monitoring, AI, Managed Services are all concepts that have arisen from that need. The question, of course, is where is all this going to lead? A question that partly remains a question of coffee grounds, but which we certainly cannot answer without you! We therefore ask ourselves, have you also thought about the coming period? What are your priorities for the near future? What are your goals? What's going on with you in the coming weeks, months or quarters. What are the main reasons for prioritizing those priorities?

This year we have invested in directions and expansions of our total offering, which we believe will greatly increase the need. These include:

The necessary infrastructure and other facilities for the Post Covid Workplace

Deep integration of traditional and factory/manufacturing/industrial automation

More and more possibilities to offer custom solutions tailored to your needs

A sensational expansion in the field of IoT and Data communication related products and services

Focus on data availability and fast hybrid Server and Storage solutions that make the most of what Microsoft Server has to offer, especially in virtualization, without the need for additional expensive third-party VM tiers.

And of course, traditionally always on the lookout for the smallest, smartest, most energy-efficient mini PCs available, an area where the wrap-around continues.

But you may be missing things that you think would be important additions to your product and services offering. Let us know, get in touch with us! Do we immediately have a solution? No of course not. We would like to; have a ready-made solution on the shelf for every need. No, that's an impossibility. But with our own expertise and international partner network, it must be crazy if we are very far from a solution for you! In these crazy times, a lot of things have changed a lot in a short time. Changes that, in addition to threats, are also impulses for new opportunities. Opportunities for enterprising and innovative companies.

Feel free to send me an e-mail and tell us what is important to you in the near future or what keeps you awake. Then we are happy to take up that challenge.

Hans Noort - Commercial Director
  Hans Noort     22-09-2021 14:00     Comments ( 0 )
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