A closer look at the fitlet3, the first impressions!
Minidis had the great privilege of being the first in Europe to show a pre-production unit of the fitlet3. We did this at the IoT Tech Expo in Amsterdam. A very appropriate event to introduce this successor to the successful fitlet2.
I say successor but actually it is just the somewhat bigger brother of the fitlet2 that suddenly showed up.

With the dimensions 132 mm x 99 mm x 34 mm, the fitlet3 has clearly grown compared to the fitlet2. It's appearance has become slightly tougher, and the weight is approximately 420 grams, without abandoning the concept of a mini-PC. What else stands out from the outside? The doubling of the USB ports on the front, the addition of the uSIM slot, instead of the microSD access and only 1 LED. Also a welcome addition to the sidepanel is the Kensington lock hole, but whether this is also present on the production version remains to be seen. There are clearly fewer changes at the rear, but a very important one. The optional Isolated serial + GPIO ports were present on the model available with us.
A much more flexible I/O facility than the miniature COM port facility on the fitlet2. For the rest, the 2 USB ports, the HDMI connection and the miniDisplayPort are the same, as is the secure twist connection for the power cable.

The big news, of course, comes from within. The beating heart is the Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake processor in the variants,

Intel® Atom x6425E 4 Core     | Base: 2.0GHz, Boost: 3.0GHz | TDP: 12W
Intel® Celeron J6412 4 Core   | Base: 2.0GHz, Boost: 2.6GHz | TDP: 10W
Intel® Atom x6211E 2 Core     | Base: 1.3GHz, Boost: 3.0GHz | TDP: 6W

while the internal memory can be as much as 32 GB (DDR4). Add to that the M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA storage options and it is clear that we are dealing with a modern little powerhouse. In addition, it is still possible to install a 2.5” HDD/SSD using an optional deeper housing.

What else is there to mention? An important change is also the power supply. With the fitlet2 you still had to choose between different power ranges, the fitlet3 does away with that choice by accepting a wide range voltage: 7V – 42V DC power input. That's easy because standard suitable for almost every application.

Finally, 2 questions remain: The price and when will it be available?
Because we - with permission of Compulab - are sharing this information before the official launch, sometime in December, the prices are not yet known. In terms of availability, we expect the first units  to roll off the production line in Q1 2022, to enter production in larger quantities sometime in Q2.

To receive the full specifications, please send a message to sales@minidis.com stating: fitlet3.
    22-12-2021 10:56